Weller loddestasjon WE-1010


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Soldering Station Magnastat 50 W, 230 V
The Weller Magnastat system operates through a ferro-magnetic device which changes ist characteristics
when specific temperatures are reached. This causes it to either attract or repel a permanent magnet which
operates a power supply switch. In this way power to the heating element can be quickly switched on or off to
either provide extra power for soldering operations or reduced power when idling. Various preselected tip
temperatures (260°C, 310°C, 370°C, 425°C, 480°C) are available for different soldering tasks. The unit is not
suitable for ESD application because the iron is not antistatic.

Top Attributes
• On / Off controller
• Temperature control variable by soldering tip exchange
• Protection class 1
• Antistatic housing
• Hard grounded
• Dimensions: 166 x 115 x 101 mm (L x W x H)

Technical Data
Equipotential Bonding/ hard grounding explanation Normal state
Temperatur control comment Magnetic
Display included & Size No display
ESD safe Yes
Equipotential Bonding/ hard grounding Yes
Display backlight No
Antistatic housing Yes
Temperature stability 5 °C
Power unit wattage 50 W  
Mains supply Voltage 230 V
Power supply frequency 50 Hz
Output voltage   24 V
Protection class Soldering iron   3
Protection class Control/ Power unit   1
Number of tools controlled simultaneously   1
Temperature accuracy 9 °C
Temperature regulation 260 - 480 °C